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Ep. 57 Raleigh NC: Will McGuire (part 2) - How Investment Crowdfunding is changing the future of communities

Episode Summary

Welcome back for the second half of our convo with Will McGuire, founder of INCOLO, a traction studio for North Carolina-based startups. In this episode, Will shares why he and his wife have invested in over 70 companies and explains how sees investment crowdfunding fundamentally changing the way we relate to our communities. We also dig into Will's insight on how crowdfunding has influenced modern education for his family. He sees investing as a unique opportunity to better understand your community. As the industry grows, Will believes a growing number of community members will learn new concepts in the pursuit of investing.

Episode Notes

:49 - Where Investment crowdfunding dollars typically come from

1:07 - Are we near a tipping point for Investment Crowdfunding?

1:52 - The reason Will invests in real estate & revenue shares with Reg CF

2:54 - The money people put into the stock market is disconnected, local private investors are enjoying a much more relational experience

3:45 - As more people get into private investing - relationships that have been disconnected on the stock market will become re-connected via the local markets.

4:27 - What’s changing vs what’s staying the same in investing? The common thread is trust

6:45 - Will’s advice for first time investors

7:55 - Exploring campaigns can lead you to understanding new things about our community

11:15  - Even for Kids, Crowdfunding has opened up a world of possibilities by connecting a community in a way that didn’t exist before.

12:30 - How “crowd Private Equity” can actually help gentrification

17:17 - What the future of CF looks like

18:20 - As people rediscover their local community a new desire to build the community has been born - rise of the neighborhood