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Ep. 36 Birmingham, AL: Client Care, Problem-Solving, and Picking The Right Customers With Kalee Baker

Episode Summary

Guess who’s back for PART 2: Kalee Baker! Remind me… Kalee came on the show last week to share her experience as a solopreneur and dish on how she’s built her highly sought after Birmingham event business. She launched Kalee Baker Events officially in 2013, a side hustle that turned into a full-time passion. She entertained with her crazy wedding stories but in this episode, she shows her serious entrepreneurial chops by diving into topics like: client care, problem-solving, and picking the right customers for your business.

Episode Notes

Kalee’s website:

1:43 Kalee’s explanation of her business model

2:55 Going above and beyond, but still balancing client care with normal life 

5:00 What Kalee tries to draw out of her guests and how she can help produce the right services for clients

9:43 Some of the tools that Kalee uses to make everything run smoothly

11:30 What it takes to be a wedding planner

12:34 Kalee’s day of the wedding strategy

15:10 Kalee's take on the future of the wedding industry

22:45 Kalee's advice for first-time wedding planners